About Me

My mission is to help people cope with the stress caused by a major change in their lives: moving, downsizing or reorganizing their home.

I work with home owners who are moving and downsizing their living space and find the project stressful if not overwhelming. Sometimes the change is triggered by an even more stressful episode such as a decline in health or loss of a partner. Even if it is not, moving and downsizing are stressful enough. I know: I have moved 9 times and downsized in 5 of them. Eventually I developed a system for working through the stress and getting the job done quickly.

Now I share my system with my clients and coach them on how to use it to make the multitude of choices they have to make: what to keep and what to let go. Together we inventory what they have, measure the space they are moving into, and plan locations for the items they want to take. I suggest ways of disposing of items they will leave behind, and how to organize their keepers so that packing and moving will be easier. That is the task part.

My approach to helping with emotional stress is very personalized. Some people do not appear to have much and are ready to dive in. Others need some release and healing before they can work effectively. I listen, take notes, and suggest ways that they can replace negative emotional energy with positive energy focused on the next task to be performed. Getting things accomplished is a great stress reliever. My system provides a day-by-day, step-by-step action plan that brings my clients to the outcome they want: a new home furnished with the familiar things they love most.

As your downsizing coach I will be a caring and supportive partner in a step-by-step path toward the end result you want to achieve. I will gently prod you to make the choices you have to make to get the results you want. Your new living space may be smaller and easier to take care of, but it also be comfortable and familiar with the things you treasure.

I am uniquely qualified to help people deal with change and stress in their lives I have an MS degree in Counseling, an MSW degree in Social Work, and I am certified by the Coaches Training Institute. I had a private practice in behavioral therapy and coaching in Connecticut for 30 years, where I also conducted workshops in personal growth and change and did employee assistance counseling. I have been a speaker at international conferences on strategies for behavioral change. Personal growth and change is what I am about.

Call me at 860-338-1065